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Where are they now? Part #2

Meet 5 Hatch Alumni who are now kicking career goals at companies like Loop and the United Nations.

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Building our Knowledge Graph

How we're building our Matching Science to overcome the "black box problem".

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Are graduate programs living up to their potential?

A rethink of the traditional graduate program could have a win-win outcome for students and employers.

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Where are they now? Part #1

Hear from Hatch Alumni about their experience and what they're up to now. Spoiler alert: it's pretty impressive.

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Prioritise the best shortlisted candidates for your role

Shortlist your shortlist. Introducing ‘New matches’ and ‘Candidate ratings’.

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Rebutting the Feedback Fallacy

The case for constructive feedback: to learn and grow, we need a grasp of what we’re doing well, and what we could improve.

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Real time shortlisting + candidate strength snapshots

New features to help you find and hire the best applicants.

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