Flare HR

Hatch helped Flare HR take a shortcut to a shortlist of the top candidates for the role.

Flare HR is a workplace technology business with the mission of helping their users boost their financial security. Founded in 2015, the all-in-one cloud-based platform is used by 1 in 20 Aussies in the workplace and recently expanded beyond HR into a full suite financial wellness solution.  

“We’re living in a time where the line between work and life is blurred. If people are doing well overall, it is reflected in their work. That’s why we’re building technology that helps improve the relationship between employers and their employees,” says Brittany Wong, VP of Marketing at Flare HR.

“What Flare HR and Hatch share in common is innovative tech that moves people away from laborious, manual processes, so their time can better be spent on value-adding activities.”

The problem

For Flare HR, junior talent is a key element to the make-up of their teams. As a growing business, there’s always a need for people who are hungry to learn, ready to adapt to the needs of their teams and looking to build their careers. 

“We have a flat structure, which means young people who come into Flare can help shape the direction of the business as their fresh ideas and perspectives are welcomed, encouraged and valued,” says Brittany.

With the Flare HR team focused on recruiting for their product and engineering roles, hiring managers like Brittany take ownership of their team’s recruitment needs; a task she invests time and energy in as it's important to her to find the right people. 

“As a hiring manager, I’m super time poor and I spend a lot of time after work or on the weekends sifting through CVs,” says Brittany. “And CVs only tell us the what, but not the who, why and how, which is what’s missing for me.”


Sales Development Representatives


10 across the business




3 - 4 Weeks

The Solution

Hatch saved Brittany the time and effort of identifying the right candidates for her role. Instead, she got a shortlist of candidates that gave her a real sense of the person behind the application.

“Rachel, who we hired from the shortlist, is awesome. She’s a high performer in everything she does and she’s entrepreneurial - which is exactly the DNA we look for at Flare and in the Sales Development function.”

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