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Full-stack Product Engineer
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About the role

We’re looking for a Full stack product engineer to join our Product Team. You’ll be working alongside our Data Scientists, Organisational Psychologists, Designers, and of course your co-engineers to build the future of work.

What you'll be doing day-to-day

As a product engineer you will take ownership for getting a full product feature into production ensuring it solves the problem we set out to solve. 

In this role you'll be:

  • Discussing technical trade-offs and constraints with designers
  • Discussing technical design and architecture with the engineering team
  • Building the full stack of a feature i.e. UI’s, datastores, messaging and backends
  • Working in a fast paced, startup environment where fluid and evolving requirements need to be clarified and downstream implications thought through.

Below are the primary technologies and technical areas you’ll work with, but we value transferable skills and strengths over experience in specific technologies.

  • Build, design, and scale our Typescript Serverless backend micro services and APIs
  • TypeScript, and NextJS static and server side rendered marketing site
  • TypeScript and React based application using hooks, Mobx (legacy) and React state management
  • AWS infrastructure
  • SQS, SNS, and Lambda Eventing
  • Improving our CI/CD systems
  • Build, design, and scale our Data Science infrastructure including occasional dabbling in Python.
  • Lerna Monorepos
  • Writing unit test using Jest and Enzyme

Your impact

Hatch is in its early stages and we are still defining our engineering processes, architecture and product direction. This is a career defining opportunity for an outstanding product engineer to help build a global tech product as part of an exceptional and purpose-driven team.

About You

We value transferable skills and strengths over experience. We’re looking for someone who ticks off most of the boxes below, but we don’t mind where you developed these skills. 

  • You focus on shipping software that matters to your users. That focus comes from a deep desire to understand user problems and provide magical solutions to them.
  • You understand one of the most critical skills in software development is communication. You’re excited about cross functional teams and believe your technical perspective combined with your user empathy provides a unique perspective to user problems.
  • You’ve experimented with and survived many different types of development and project methodologies, which has left you with a healthy appreciation for what works from the so-called “agile” methodologies and those that came before (and after) them.
  • You are humble enough to adapt to your frameworks, technologies and constraints to provide Hatch users with a magical experience.
  • You’re pragmatic, knowing how to balance building for now and the future.
  • You are proficient with a number of programming languages, operating systems, and architectures. You probably have one of each you prefer right now, but you’re neither dogmatic nor myopic in your focus on it.
  • You are curious enough to discover how or why something works when you don’t know.
  • You have pieced together changing feature specifications from whiteboard sessions, partial UI designs, and conversations to produce solutions to user problems that are still evolving.
  • You are a constant learner.

 Must haves:

  • Curiosity: a growth mindset, a hunger to learn and expand horizons, a genuine interest in the world.
  • Capability: your talent and experience allows you to pick up new skills quickly. You enjoy wading into new situations, frameworks and languages.
  • Humility: complete lack of arrogance and skilled at holding yourself accountable. High levels of self-awareness, always wanting to improve, most comfortable in a feedback culture. A true mix of ambition and compassion.
  • Execution experience: a focus on disciplined execution. Not just an innovator, not starting things but never ending them, but rather someone who knows how to get a job done and has a proven track record of top quality execution.
  • Owner mindset: you work with an ownership mindset and pro-activity. You connect the dots and don’t stop till we’ve reached our overall objectives.

Application process

We’re a small tight-knit team so we’re pretty rigorous about how we recruit.

The next step is to submit an application via our platform which will give you a feel for what we do. You’ll be asked to provide standard information like your CV as well as answering a written question and a video question. You can expect a response from us within 24 hours.

After the initial application our process is as follows

  • Phone or in office interview with engineers
  • Take home technical test
  • Code Review and Engineering Interview
  • In office Product team interview
  • Founder Chat and Culture Interview

About Hatch

Hatch is a talent matching platform that’s changing how young people discover work, and how employers find the right people for their junior roles.

Hatch is an early-stage startup with a big vision and a big story. We’re a small (but growing) team of truly talented, deeply passionate people. We bring our whole selves to work, have fun together, support each other and make cool and immensely rewarding stuff happen for our customers.

Our mission is to help all people find meaning in work. We’re breaking that opportunity down into its component parts, applying first principles thinking and designing a future of work where people love what they do and care deeply about the world they’re creating - starting at the beginning of a career.

What does our mission really mean?

The system of work plays a central role in our lives, and also in the development of our societies. We see an opportunity for systemic improvement of our experience of work, to better support healthy lives and sustainable societies.

For individuals: we want all people to have fair access to discover work that’s a great fit for their strengths and values, and provides a stable platform for personal growth and contribution.

For teams: we want teams to discover people who are a great fit; eliminating the bias and chance from finding talent who will help drive their progress forward.

We value and reward

  • Initiative, excitement, discovery and resilience in an ambiguous environment.
  • Smarts, sheer horsepower, tenacity and hustle to come up with great ideas or solutions and push them through to fruition.
  • Feedback and accountability - we're clear with one another, take responsibility for ourselves and deliver as a team.

Other perks

  • Flexible work culture: a combo of remote work and time in our beautiful Potts Point, dog-friendly office.
  • Packages that include salary + equity .
  • Generous parental leave and birthday leave.
  • Weekly team lunches, Friday drinks and social event with our nearest and dearest.
  • Team trips (yep - we’re still small enough that we go on little jaunts to celebrate wins).

If this sounds like the type of environment you'd thrive in, please apply!

Role summary

Location: Remote & Potts Point office 
Reports to: Adam, Lead Engineer
Role type: Permanent