The Hatch Match

How it works

Our matching process is designed to combine the best of organisational psychology and data science principles to match candidates to your role, based on an accurate understanding of their transferable skills and motivations.

Here's Matt, our Lead Scientist, to explain more about the steps in our matching process.

Step One

Job Analysis Questionnaire

To get started, you'll complete a job analysis questionnaire so our Matching Science team can gain a deep understanding of who'll make a great fit for your role.

Step Two

Candidate Application

We create a custom application experience based on your specific role criteria that we uncovered in the job analysis. The application typically includes a mix of:

Work samples
Video and text responses
Experiential and behavioural scenarios

Step Three


All applications go through a structured assessment process with our Matching team where we collate and anonymise all responses from applicants before rating them against a common scale to reduce biases such as confirmation and recency bias.

Step Four


Now we get to the shortlist, where our algorithm works its magic to select the top candidates for your role!

Get to know your candidates before you meet them through comprehensive profiles. We'll set your interviews up for success by highlighting specific areas to focus on.

Step Five

Candidate Feedback

Once we finalise the shortlist, we'll communicate with all applicants and provide them with feedback to ensure a positive candidate experience, regardless of the outcome.