Common questions
about hiring with Hatch

How many people do I receive per shortlist?

A standard shortlist is between 6 and 12 people, depending on the quality and volume of applications and the number of positions you’re hiring for.

How long does it take to get my shortlist?

Typically applications are open for between 1 and 4 weeks. You receive an initial shortlist within days of the role being live (when the first candidate's application is received by Hatch).

What roles can I use Hatch for?

Hatch is for junior roles. This includes:

  • Junior professional roles (2 to 5 years experience)

  • Entry level roles (0 to 2 years experience)

  • Interns and Graduate roles

You can hire a range of role types, including:

  • Full time or part time permanent roles

  • Contract or project based roles (either direct or via our labour hire model)

Currently we’re focused on junior roles in the following job families:

  • Sales & Business Development

  • Customer Success & Support

  • Marketing

  • HR & Talent

  • Business, strategy & finance

  • Operations & project management

  • Data analytics and data science

  • Software engineering

  • Design

If you have a role outside these categories feel free to get in touch to discuss if Hatch is a good fit.

Does hatch integrate with my ATS?

Integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems are planned in our product roadmap. For now, we simply pass the candidate data to you in a csv file that is configured for easy upload into your ATS.

How does the candidate journey work?

Hatch acts as a ‘secondary step’ in your application journey after your initial job advertising channels. You can choose between two ways of how this works:

  1. Candidates apply to your ad on job boards (eg. LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed) and click through directly to your custom application on Hatch.

  2. Candidates apply to your ad on job boards, and click through to submit an initial application via your ATS (Eg. Lever, Greenhouse, Workable). Candidates then receive an automated email, notifying them that their application has been received and directing them to Hatch continue their application.

We’ll discuss the best approach based on your existing processes, hiring software and open role before publishing. Read this support article for more detailed information about this topic.

How does the candidate journey work?

All applications are branded with your company logo. The application questions (both written and video responses) are designed by our Matching Science team based on a detailed job analysis specific to your role. After you receive your shortlist, candidates you want to interview follow your desired hiring process.

If you have a question that’s not answered here, feel free to contact us

Hatch is free for a limited time, for early users.