How we match

Too often, someone's social background determines their opportunities. Hatch is changing this with the way we match, levelling the playing field for early career applicants.

Hatch data science

What is matching science?

Hatch's assessment and shortlisting methodology is designed and operated by trained organisational psychologists.

Data science is utilised to algorithmically select candidates and enable unbiased assessment of 100s of applications.

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How we reduce bias

Humans where we're helpful and technology where we hinder

Anonymised & randomised

Applications are de-identified, broken apart and systematically reviewed in randomised order to reduce unconscious bias.

Demonstrated strengths

Applicants answer questions that demonstrate their skills, and are reviewed by trained assessors and organisational psychologists.

Algorithmic shortlisting

We use data science to shortlist candiates algorithmically, based on their demonstrated strengths, rather than relying on human judgement.

What we assess

Required skills

We use specific examples and role-plays to determine that candidates have the critical skills to do the job.

Transferable skills

From verbal communication, to problem solving, to multi-tasking, these skills underlie what it takes to be successful in the role.

Motivation and style

We get to know each candidate’s reasons for applying and what excites them about your company, team and the work.

Hatch assessment

Hatch fits into your hiring processes and saves hours spent screening candidates.

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How Hatch works

Hatch is free for a limited time, for early users.