Marketing Coordinator - Personalised Offers


Quick details

    Work from office & home
    Bella Vista, AU
    38 hours/week
    6 months duration
    1 position
    Does not offer visa sponsorship
    Mid Level
    Closed 08 Apr 2022

About the role

The ideal candidate likes data and reporting to inform decision making and has a strong attention to detail.

At the centre of our thinking is our customer, so you'll have ownership of our weekly personalised email and owning various other digital executions end to end including social, paid media, web and app. Not only is the role executional, you'll have a strong part to play in identifying opportunities and listening to customer feedback.


Mid Level

A role for someone with some well-developed knowledge and skills they can bring to the role and team. Typically after a few years of experience.


Email Marketing

Target audiences like customers or segments through email, to build relationships and achieve goals, including leads and revenue

Research and Insight Development

Develop deep market and customer insights to guide strategy and activities



Works with others by being open, clear in communication and listening to achieve goals


Compares and ranks the relative importance &/or urgency of different tasks to identify the best order of actions

Attention to detail

Accurately identifies and rectifies discrepancies or errors that exists in information and deliverables

Applying with Hatch

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