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Our mission is for Australia to become a global clean energy leader, benefitting communities, the economy and the environment

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  • Business Operations and Strategy

  • Full-time

  • Office | Sydney, Australia

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  • Entry Level · A role for someone with underlying potential, good motivation and ability to learn. Typically no direct experience is required.

  • Closed 06 Oct 2023 · Posted 18 September

Why Transgrid

Over decades of technical excellence, we’ve enabled the smooth operation of over 13,000km of high voltage transmission wires and 121 substations in NSW and the ACT, with connections to Victoria and Queensland.

Our most crucial work is leading the transition to Australia’s clean energy future. The traditional coal system that served our country for decades is nearing the end of its life, to be replaced by wind and solar generation.

We’re making the right decisions now to prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead – a changing climate, population growth and technology innovation.

As we lead the way towards a more resilient future, we’re working closely with our customers and communities to make sure no one is left behind.

Wherever you are in NSW or the ACT, you can be confident in the reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity we transmit as we make a better power system for generations to come.

About the role

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career that will give you the opportunity to develop your personal and professional potential and learn from our leading experts, we encourage you to apply for Transgrid’s Intern Vacation Program.

The 12-week Intern Vacation Program is targeted at accelerating your development preparing you to take part in some of the largest developments in the National Electricity Market’s history whilst accessing internal development opportunities enhancing your professional knowledge and skills. The program will vary depending on your background and career aspirations and will help you create an invaluable network that helps you learn, grow, and develop. 

What you'll be responsible for

  • 💡

    Project Initiation

    Manage people, materials, and budget to ensure they are efficient and effective in achieving the project objectives

  • 🗓

    Project Coordination

    Coordinate people and processes to ensure the effective and timely running of a project

  • 🚧

    Program and Project Risk Management

    Identify, assess, and manage risks that may impact the program or project's success

Skills you'll need

  • 👥


    Works with others by being open, clear in communication and listening to achieve goals

  • Prioritization

    Compares and ranks the relative importance &/or urgency of different tasks to identify the best order of actions

  • 🎙

    Verbal communication

    Speaks clearly to convey information effectively to a target audience

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