Hatch updates
Nov 21, 2021

Real time shortlisting + candidate strength snapshots

New features to help you find and hire the best applicants.

Sean Batchelor
Sean Batchelor
Product Designer

Team update: A lot has happened since this blog - all great things! We’re now in the United States and our new product launched in November 2021, helping teams in fast-growing organizations find and hire their best-fit junior and mid-level talent in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Customer Success. Try it here for free. This means some of our articles before this date may have product shots that look a little different. That’s all from us, enjoy the blog.

We've had a productive start to the year, shipping two new features that will make it easier to discover and hire the best candidates from your shortlist.

Rolling shortlists

We’ve redesigned the shortlist experience to assess applicants as they apply, sharing the best candidates with you as soon as we’ve assessed them.

Waiting until applications are closed to receive your shortlist meant that some candidates who apply early are no longer available when you’re ready to contact them.

Now, when a great candidate applies, you’ll know about it, and be able to get in touch as soon as possible. This prevents the need to re-advertise and helps you hire the candidates who are the best fit for your role.

Hatch Rolling Shortlist

Demonstrated Strengths

We’ve introduced a new visual snapshot of each candidate’s Demonstrated Strengths to show how we’ve assessed their capabilities, in relation to the strengths required for the role.

Our matching science is central to offering accurate, unbiased screening, but all of the magic happens “under the hood”, making it hard to quickly understand why a candidate has been shortlisted. 

This new feature will give you a clear view of a candidate’s strengths, and where to dig deeper, with the option to expand each skill to understand the meaning behind each score.

Demonstrated strengths

What's next

Keep on the lookout for:

  • Your shortlist dashboard, where you can login and access past and current shortlists all in one place.
  • Candidate decision tracking, to help you easily keep tabs on the candidates you want to interview and why.

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