Hire people, not CVs

Hatch is a talent matching platform for junior roles. We look beyond the CV to provide a shortlist of the best-fit candidates, saving you time and managing bias.

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See beyond the CV

Hatch’s matching science finds the best candidates and brings their profiles to life with engaging video interviews and candidate summaries, so you can get a real sense of the person before meeting them.

Reclaim your time

Reclaim your time

Take back countless hours lost to screening CVs.

Candidates demonstrate their strengths and motivations through a Hatch application, tailored to your role.

They're assessed and top candidates are returned to you on a shortlist, ready for you to interview.

Manage bias blind-spots

Hatch's Matching Science draws on best practice hiring and data principles, leveling the playing field for candidates.

Hatch uses a structured, anonymised assessment methodology, so you can be confident you're not leaving the right people behind.

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Manage bias blind-spots

Hatch is free for a limited time, for early users.

Save 5+ hours on every junior role

Get a shortlist of matched candidates while saving time and recruitment costs.

Time spent

Time to shortlist

Shortlisting rigour

Unconcious bias

Candidate experience


20 min job analysis call
30 min shortlist review

1 week from posting a job ad

Objective matching science

Anonymised assessment

Feedback for all applicants

$950 per shortlist

Shortlisting yourself

1 hr job description creation
10+ hrs screening applicants

1 week from posting a job ad

Quick CV scan and phone calls

CVs prone to human biases

Challenging to be consistent

$1500-$3000 of internal time

Using recuiters

1 hr job description creation
2+ hrs going back & forth



Prone to human biases

Intermediated and unknown

$10-20,000+ per role

There’s no setup required, and your first shortlist is free.

Over 1000 junior roles already placed

9/10 shortlists result in a hire


"Hatch helps us get the hiring process right. The platform's holistic approach brings diversity and behavioural fit to the table before we even look at someone's CV. It also saves us time, which is incredibly valuable."

Anthony Nantes

CEO, Wisr


"Hatch is disrupting the recruitment market. Hatch does all the heavy-lifting, taking away a mountain of work for our internal recruitment team. With Hatch, we're able to focus on more value-adding work, which delivers a great return on investment to Domain."

Ros Tregurtha

Group Director - Employee Experience, Domain

Hatch fits into your hiring processes and saves you time by replacing hours spent screening CVs.

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Need an intern for some project work?

Access exceptional pre-vetted student talent, on-demand. We'll handle all the employment admin.

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Hatch exists to level the playing field for people as they discover the career that’s right for them; allowing them to find work based on their transferable strengths and motivators.

We help employers overcome the barriers to finding people who are a genuine fit for their teams and are often missed in typical hiring processes.