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Feb 28, 2022

Identify your most motivated candidates as soon as they apply

A new dashboard allowing you to review your most motivated candidates first, and improved features to publish your next role in minutes!

Hatch Team
Hatch Team

There are plenty of people looking for jobs and plenty of open roles out there today. The problem is not the lack of demand or supply. It’s that we often can’t articulate what we are looking for and why. Candidates need to understand what the Hiring Manager really wants, and then be able to talk to their motivations for the role in a way that connects with this. Transparency is key. We want to bridge that gap.

Review all your candidates, starting with those who are most motivated 

Motivated candidates perform better and are more engaged at work. But, motivation is not something you can quickly identify through a resume. Similarly, it's not something you can easily communicate as a candidate when writing one. But motivation is fundamental. And as one of Hatch's key drivers of Holistic fit, it's an area we are continuing to elevate in the product. 

What's new?

To help you focus on the most motivated candidates when reviewing applications, Hatch will prioritize those who share a richer profile over those that just "quick applied" with only their resume. You can review both types of candidates as soon as their applications are in. If you like the profile of someone that has applied with just their resume, simply use Hatch to nudge them to enrich their application, so you can better understand their motivation for the role.

Let's see how it works!

1. Your most motivated candidates appear at the top of your feed as "Submitted applications"

  • Quickly see if they align with your requirements.
  • Click into their profile to access their micro-task, motivation video, and how their strengths align with your role.
  • Collaborate with your team before moving them through to a new stage.
Start from the most motivated candidates

2. You'll find the candidates who "quick applied" to your role with their resumes only right below "In progress applications"

It doesn't mean that these applicants are not a good fit. Usually, these candidates are unsure whether to invest more time before they know they are on your radar - we all know how tough and tedious applying for new jobs can be! By allowing candidates to apply with their resume first, you will see 80% more candidates in your Hatch inbox. You can quickly review their resumes by clicking into their profile. Like what you see in a resume? We've made it easy for you to nudge them to enrich their application, asking them to share their motivation for the role and demonstrate their ability to perform in the role (via a micro-task).

  1. The automatic nudges are on us. We'll send them to all candidates as a friendly reminder to enrich their application.
  2. The manual nudges help you reach out to specific candidates you like. Nudges are ready to go with a click of a button.
Get to know your candidates better by sending them a Nudge to enrich their application

A perfect role, an engaging application, and an easy link to the sourcing platforms you trust

With Hatch, it's easy to create a role that clearly communicates your requirements to candidates. In fact, the average time it takes a Hiring Manager to create one is only 7-9 minutes! Our latest Preview function also makes it easier to share the candidate experience with your internal stakeholders.

  1. Create your next role here. It only takes 7-9 minutes.
  2. You can also send us your Job Description here. We’ll create your role page and application experience for you.

That's it for February, folks. We hope you like the latest updates. Let us know if you have any feedback or questions. We'd love to hear from you.

The team at Hatch

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