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Seamlessly sync Hatch with your ATS

Hatch Team

Sep 20, 2023
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Spend more time focused on hiring the right people by connecting Hatch with your ATS.

You can now streamline how you hire with Hatch - with connections to Applicant Tracking Systems now available!

These ATS connections make it easier than ever to keep your hiring workflow organised, while making use of Hatch’s talent pool, application experience, and rich candidate profiles.

And better yet it’s quick and simple to get set up, taking only 15 minutes to get connected. All you need to do is check your requirements based on the ATS you use, and schedule a call to get set up.

Our ATS connections do 3 main things:

  • Allows you to automatically post roles to Hatch from your ATS (like other job boards!)
  • Syncs candidates who apply on Hatch to your ATS, so you see them in your ATS inbox
  • Moves the candidates you Shortlist in Hatch to a nominated next stage in your ATS

Meaning you’re able to:

  • Maintain a single source of truth for all of your candidates, your ATS
  • Optimise your hiring, by providing visibility over which candidates come from Hatch
  • Save time, no need to manually move candidates from Hatch to your ATS

While support is available for most major ATS platforms, connections vary depending on the platform you’re using and available APIs. View all supported connections here.

We’re always adding new ways to help you bring the generation of talent into your organisation. If there’s a feature you’d love to see on Hatch to help the way you hire, let us know by emailing us at

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