Product Analyst, Everyday Banking

To help you be more successful with money

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Why ubank

At ubank, we’re all about helping you be more successful with money. Think of us as your daily money companion. One that brings together the ability to see your money in one place, with smart features and real-time insights designed to help you get ahead. You’ll learn what it feels like to save more, see exactly where you’re spending and own your own home faster. When you’re with ubank, we’ll help you achieve real momentum with money.

About the role

You'll collaborate closely with the Head of Everyday Banking and Senior Product Managers to implement the Everyday Banking strategy throughout the customer lifecycle. 

What you'll be responsible for

  • 📶

    Data Analysis and Reporting

    Analyze data to discover and communicate insights, and offer concrete recommendations for key stakeholders to make critical decisions

  • 💡

    Customer Journey Insight Development

    Understand a brand’s customers and their journey throughout touch points and processes, to drive strategy for positive customer experience

  • 📌

    Requirements Gathering

    Collect and understand desired specifications of a deliverable or project, and stakeholder requirements.

Skills you'll need

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    Works with others by being open, clear in communication and listening to achieve goals

  • 🧮

    Numerical problem solving

    Works with numerical information and performs mathematical calculations to solve problems

  • 💭

    Critical thinking

    Identifies and synthesizes patterns and trends amongst various sources of information to reach a meaningful conclusion, perspective or insight

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To help you be more successful with money