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Nov 21, 2021

Hiring pain point #3: CVs

Should we really judge someone's fit for a role based on what's written on paper?

Bree Fedele
Bree Fedele
Content Marketer @ Hatch

Team update: A lot has happened since this blog - all great things! We’re now in the United States and our new product launched in November 2021, helping teams in fast-growing organizations find and hire their best-fit junior and mid-level talent in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Customer Success. Try it here for free. This means some of our articles before this date may have product shots that look a little different. That’s all from us, enjoy the blog.

Great CVs don’t equal great candidates. Job titles and years of experience only tell you a candidate’s employment history, not their ability to perform or a clear picture of someone’s skill set.

This means employers overlook candidate’s who are the right fit, but aren’t great at writing, in favour of candidate’s who are the wrong fit, but are great at spinning their words to make their experience appear far more relevant. 

Rather than look at a random list of buzzwords and previous responsibilities, Hatch helps you see beyond the CV and discover a candidate’s transferable skills, motivations and style. 

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