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Meet Ben: Sales Associate at OwnHome

Hannah Johnston

Apr 18, 2024
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Hatch sat down with Ben, Sales Associate at OwnHome to learn more about his early career story and why he uses Hatch to find work!

Could you tell us about your role and the company you work for?

Ben: I recently started working for a fast-growing startup in Australia called OwnHome. At OwnHome, our mission is to remove the biggest barrier to homeownership for Aussies today: the deposit. My role as a Sales Associate involves communicating with potential buyers, understanding their needs, qualifying them as leads, and building trust to kickstart their home-buying journey. 

What career aspirations did you have when you were younger?

Ben: Initially, I was drawn to sports, particularly football and triathlon. However, my love for maths led me to pursue economics at University. After exploring internships in finance and accounting, I realised I preferred client-facing roles over accountancy. That's how I found my way into sales and eventually landed in my current position.

What do you consider your superpower that’s challenging to show on a resume? 

Ben: I believe my ability to build relationships and to make people feel at ease are my strengths. Building trust and rapport, especially in such a significant life decision as buying a home, is crucial. Making the first contact a positive experience sets the tone for the entire journey.

Reflecting on your early career, what are some learning lessons you’ve encountered?

Ben: One of the biggest challenges was managing multiple commitments during University. I had to learn the hard way that spreading myself too thin wasn't sustainable. Additionally, it was tough when my company went into administration during my graduate banking role and meant going from working on a fast-paced trading floor to facing unemployment, it did however lead me to explore opportunities abroad, which brought me to Australia.

How did you come across your current role at Hatch, and how does it fit into your career journey?

Ben: I learned about Hatch through a friend who recommended it while I was exploring opportunities in tech. I always kept an eye on openings at Hatch and when the opportunity with OwnHome arose, I applied and landed the position, aligning with my career interests and aspirations.

Do you have any advice for the community about navigating the application process for early career roles?

Ben: In my experience, a simple video introducing yourself and expressing your interest can make a significant difference when applying to a sales role because it’s so customer-facing. Also, don't be afraid to explore different roles and industries, just like I did. You never know where you might find your passion and excel.

Any final words of wisdom for those starting their early career journeys?

Ben: Keep an open mind and be proactive in seeking opportunities. You’ll develop transferable skills in all jobs so try out various roles, talk to people and try to figure out what really fulfils you. Your early career is a time for exploration and learning, so embrace it fully.

Wrapping up 

What a glimpse into Ben’s early career story so far! If you’re on the lookout for work that’s a great fit for you based on your skills, motivations and values, you can explore roles Hatch.

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