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The Hatch Hotlist is our round up of Sydney’s top early career employers. See how they're embracing smart young people to help them grow.

Their mission

To turn renters into homeowners, because all Australians deserve the opportunity to build a life and family in the security of their own home.

OwnHome allows people to ‘rent to buy’ their own homes in Australia, without the deposit and stamp duty. It’s only been a year of running their business and they’re already backed by the Commonwealth Bank.

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  • Early Stage (company level)

  • This is a growing team of experienced, hopeful and determined people - all working together to help 4.5 million young Australians who currently don’t have the opportunity to own the home they live in.

  • OwnHome is already making an impact. They’ve won Best Social Mission Fintech at the Annual Fintech Awards and the PropTech for Good award at the Annual Prop Tech Awards.

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