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Sean Xiong

Hiring manager, Hatch

Hatch is a Sydney-based tech company founded by Adam Jacobs (cofounder The Iconic) and Chaz Heitner (cofounder Zip Co). Our mission is for all people to find meaning in work.

Finding jobs is hard work, and hiring the right person is equally challenging. There’s been limited innovation in this space for a long time. Job boards still operate on industrial era principles of static CVs and job descriptions that keep people in boxes. We can do better. Much better.

Hatch is a new jobs marketplace that’s changing how people discover work they love. Modern AI matching technology matches candidates based on their underlying skills, values, and motivations. The re-imagined profile and job search experience provides a unique view into team and candidate cultures to help create great matches; more like a social community than an advertising board. The result is a level playing field where anyone can find meaning in work.

Hatch has seen rapid 10x growth in the past year, and is rapidly becoming the preferred job platform for Gen Z and beyond. More than 150,000 candidates and 120 employers now use Hatch, including Airtasker, Domain, HelloFresh, Hnry, News Corp, Nine, Qantas, Uber, and Woolworths. After an exciting fundraise we’re growing our team!

About the role

We're looking for a Senior Product Engineer to expand our team. Specifically someone who has solid experience in developing scalable backend APIs, data-driven products, and proficiency in SQL.

What you’ll be responsible for:

  • Working in a fast paced, startup environment and having a team first mindset, and putting the needs of the team above your own.
  • Design and develop scalable robust, high-performing and scalable backend systems.
  • Collaborating with Data Scientists, PMs, and Marketers to build and manage cloud-based data infrastructure, pipelines, and MLOps platforms.
  • Monitoring system performance, and optimising backend scalability and efficiency with advanced technologies.
  • Exploring and integrating advanced technologies and frameworks to evolve the backend architecture, enhance system scalability, and improve service efficiency.
  • Mentoring junior team members, code reviews, technical discussions and knowledge sharing.

Technologies You'll Work With:

  • Microservices and Event Driven System
  • TypeScript, NodeJs and Python is a plus
  • Databases, Caching and Vector Database(pgvector) is a plus
  • Data Pipeline and ETL Processes, DBT experience is a plus
  • Deploy ML/AI models: Work, design and deploy with ML/AI pipelines in a production environment. Familiarity with GPU acceleration & PyTorch is a plus
  • Monitoring & Logging: X-Ray, Dynatrace/Datadog; CloudWatch and ELK/Splunk
  • CICD: CircleCI

What you'll be responsible for

  • 🛠

    Designing and Implementing Backend Systems

    Design and manage databases to store and retrieve data efficiently, ensuring data integrity and optimal performance

  • 👥

    Software Engineering Team Leadership

    Oversee and guide the team by ensuring effective collaboration, and project goals are met while fostering team culture

  • 🛠

    Product Engineering

    Design, develop, and improve software products by considering the entire system to meet user needs and align with business requirements

Skills you'll need

  • 💭

    Critical thinking

    Identifies and synthesizes patterns and trends amongst various sources of information to reach a meaningful conclusion, perspective or insight

  • 🔍

    Attention to detail

    Accurately identifies and rectifies discrepancies or errors that exists in information and deliverables

  • 💡

    Problem solving

    Identifies problems and develops logical solutions that address the problems

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