Hyper-Learners Internship

Our obsession is inventing meat products that are tastier, more nutritious, and far more sustainable than meat from animals.

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  • Business Operations and Strategy

  • Intern, 4 months · 38 hours per week

  • Hybrid | Sydney, NSW, AU

  • Visa sponsorship · No

  • Entry Level · A role for someone with underlying potential, good motivation and ability to learn. Typically no direct experience is required.

  • 5 vacancies available

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Chris Ford

Hiring manager, Vow

Vow is a diverse, cross-functional team of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists and most importantly, foodies! We’re reinventing food from the ground up to make it more delicious and sustainable for everyone by making cell based meat.

About the role

Join our first cohort of curious, motivated hyper-learners. This is a term we use to describe talented, open-minded individuals who are keen to kickstart their startup career by learning as much as possible across multiple areas of a fast-paced, rapidly growing company.

This internship will be a four month program focused on maximising your personal and professional learnings and will give you and your fellow hyper-learners the ability to have a huge impact at Vow in just a matter of weeks.

During your internship, you’ll rotate across the business, spending a few weeks deeply embedded within one team, learning how they operate, and helping them to solve business critical challenges. Imagine a series of “hackathons” in which you and your fellow hyper-learners have the chance to go deep, drive meaningful change, and then pause for reflection and learnings before spinning elsewhere across the business.

You may spend a few weeks working in our culinary centre, helping us to develop the business case for a future product then actually get hands on and evolve the physical prototype; or, you may step onto the factory floor (of the largest, operational cultured meat facility in the world!) and help our team with scaling manufacturing infrastructure, improving day to day operations, or any other of a number of challenges that pop up.

Your background and technical skills are secondary to having a positive attitude, curiosity, and passion to learn as much as possible at Vow, how we operate, and how we are working towards achieving our ambitious mission of creating better, more sustainable food for billions of people.

What you'll be responsible for

  • 👥

    Team Collaboration

    Collaborate with team members and other professionals to deliver high quality services to clients

  • 🔄

    Process Management and Ongoing Improvement

    Manage and improve organizational processes to minimize complexities and increase productivity

  • 🎯

    Business Planning and Reporting

    Set and review objectives and key metrics to ensure the business vision is realised

Skills you'll need

  • 🤓

    Learning agility

    Identifies and applies strategies to enhance reception, retention and use of newly acquired information, skills, and abilities

  • 💭

    Critical thinking

    Identifies and synthesizes patterns and trends amongst various sources of information to reach a meaningful conclusion, perspective or insight

  • 💡

    Problem solving

    Identifies problems and develops logical solutions that address the problems

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