Product Marketing Manager

Aphex is the first multiplayer scheduling software for construction delivery teams

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  • Remote | GMT+10 · Aphex is remote-first, with AUS, UK and Philippines teams. We have ~8 team members who are based out of Brisbane or surrounds and also work in WeWork together a couple of times a week.

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  • Mid Level · A role for someone with some well-developed knowledge and skills they can bring to the role and team. Typically within 2-5 years of experience.

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Mike York

Hiring manager, Aphex

Why Aphex

At Aphex, we believe that construction teams shouldn't have to plan with software that should have stayed in 1995.

That’s why we are on a mission to make it easier for construction teams to get on the same page with a live, multiplayer planning platform. Instead of a mountain of spreadsheets, whiteboards, and stone tablets, our platform allows anyone on a project to plan and communicate their work with complete visibility of everything happening around them.

Our customers are the largest construction contractors that build the tunnels, roads, bridges and buildings we use daily. Our fantastic users are the engineers managing and planning these great projects.

We’re at an exciting stage of our journey. Having launched our V1 in the UK in 2019, we are now the platform that the largest projects and contractors in the UK and Australia are powered by. As we move from the product/market fit phase of our journey to larger and larger user and customer adoption, we are continuing to grow our team.

Join us on a mission to improve an industry that contributes to around 10% of GDP but is less productive than 20 years ago... It’s kind of a big issue.

About the role

As our first marketing hire in AUS, you’re a foundational part of expanding our GTM motion.

Now that might sound like a big job, but you’re not at it alone, we’ve got a solid market position and demand gen from our ICPs and a validated GTM motion with sales post-demo, so your first mission is everything in between, {traffic -> demos}.

This role requires deep understanding of our product and the unique challenges our customers face. You'll work closely with our Product, CX, Sales, and Customer Success teams to ensure our messaging is always on point and impactful.

What you'll be responsible for

  • ❇️

    Refining and Optimising Approaches

    Measure KPIs and collect feedback from existing and prospective customers, in order to refine messaging or optimize product

  • ✏️

    Content Creation

    Develop and distribute content that supports key business or marketing goals

  • 🎙

    Positioning and Messaging Development

    Develop the value positioning of a product and craft compelling messages that convey this positioning across marketing channels

Skills you'll need

  • 🧩


    Generates multiple innovative/new/novel ideas to solve a problem

  • 📊

    Results orientation

    Focuses on outcomes and the steps it takes to achieve them

  • ✍🏼

    Written communication

    Writes in a clear and structured format to convey information and ideas effectively to a target audience

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