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Jul 25, 2022

Your weekly role call of new jobs in Sales, Marketing & Customer Success.

Welcome to your weekly role call of featured roles in Sales, Marketing & Customer Success - all purpose-led, all worth hitting that 'Apply now' button ASAP.

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Featured roles of the week

This is a full-time hybrid role in Sydney, Australia

Founded in the US, RevOps Unicorn Clari uses AI and automation to drive growth and retention for high-performing revenue teams. Why work here?

  • You'll be part of a founding team, as the first rep on the ground, at a company  processing over $300 billion in pipeline each year, serving customers such as Atlassian, Adobe, Zoom and more!
  • The RevOps sector is booming right now and it's a great niche area worth exploring.

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This is a full-time hybrid role in Sydney, Australia

BizCover is one of the top online services for comparing and buying business insurance in Australia. This awesome bunch of people will change the way you picture working in insurance. Why work here?

  • We love the BizCover story. The company was started by struggling founders in 2008, who solved a problem that was directly affecting them, so it was time to make a difference.
  • Being a part of their squad means you are valued for your uniqueness and character so you’ll be welcomed by everyone. Check out this video that gives you a peek into Life at Bizcover.

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This is a full-time hybrid role in North Sydney, Australia

Qualtrics is a USA-born tech company with co-headquarters in Seattle. Why work here?

  • A healthy work-life integration is deeply important to their team. Think – happy hours, and frequent team events both in and out of the office each week!
  • Qualtrics serves ‘TACOs’ daily. Not the catering type, sadly, but it’s their team’s mission to be Transparent, All In, Customer Obsessed, One Team, and Scrappy. Learn more

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This is a full-time hybrid role in Melbourne, Australia

Auror is a highly successful software company with a mission to reduce crime and harm in our communities. Why work here?

  • You get to start your weekends early at Auror, getting Friday afternoons off. What a perk!
  • You’ll be a part of a mission that matters. Knowing that you’ll be positively contributing to the community in your work each day is pretty damn rewarding!

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This is a full-time office-based role in Sydney, Australia

ImpexDocs is an established Aussie-owned software company that makes global trade easier than ever before.

  • By joining the team at ImpexCocs, you're bound to learn fast from some seriously experienced senior leaders.
  • Occasional travelling around Australia in this role may be on the cards!

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