The Hatch Hotlist 2024 insight report

What Gen z want at work

See how top companies are attracting the best Gen Z talent

Gen Z are a growing force in the workplace!  They’re set to make up 27% of the workforce globally by 2025 before becoming the dominant generation in the workforce by 2031.

They put the spotlight on workplace culture, collaboration and work-life balance when making career moves.

Compared to previous generations - they’re setting the bar higher when it comes to job searching. They want more insight before they apply and they’re using different channels like social media and and word of mouth to find out. 


of Gen Z want to spend time in the office.


of Gen Z care most about perks


red flag for Gen Z is bad vibes

What’s inside the report?

We surveyed a sample of our 180,000+ Gen Z community and discovered what they’re prioritising in a job. Learn about: 

  • How confident Gen Z are about their future careers
  • What attracts Gen Z to your team?
  • How Gen Z want to work
  • The top companies Gen Z want to join and why

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