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Hatch vs. Traditional job boards

Job boards are pricey and often don’t deliver the candidates you need. They don’t understand how next-gen talent prefer to discover and apply for roles.


Job Boards

Posting a role

Free until 1st July, 2023

for as many roles as you need

$295+ per job post

or pay per application

Sourcing relevant candidates

Free until 1st July, 2023

Paid feature

Role promotion on channels where Gen Zs and Millennials live incl. TikTok and Instagram

Company profile designed for today’s Gen Z and Millennial talent

Video-based job posts that bring your team to life and encourage candidates to apply

Custom application experiences based on your role requirements

Video-based candidate profiles that show their motivation

Talent matching based on skills, values, and motivation

Hatch is where Gen Zs and Millennials look first

Early career talent are sick of old-school job boards that only accept resumes and don’t even match them to the right roles.

Hatch has transformed how we search and apply for jobs, by matching candidates to teams based on what matters. It’s so good that the next generation of talent now turn to Hatch first to discover job opportunities and teams.

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Hiring managers shortlist over 30% of candidates from Hatch for interviews

Know who to interview sooner than later by seeing your candidates’ skills, values, and motivation in action.

With quality matches on Hatch, TA teams spend 25% less time on phone screenings!

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Used and loved by Australia’s top employers

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How Hatch works


Post your role with our guided steps.


Your role is promoted to motivated candidates with relevant skills and values.


Review rich applications live, including intro videos and Skill Snapshots.

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