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The market leader in the Recruit, Train & Deploy industry, starting IT and business careers across the globe.

FDM Group is the global leader in the Recruit, Train and Deploy sector, launching thousands of careers every year across the globe. We are renowned for our dynamic Careers Programme, which provides graduates, returners to work and ex-forces personnel with award-winning business and technical training, before being deployed as consultants with our industry-leading clients. We remain dedicated to our purpose of creating and inspiring exciting careers that shape our digital future. Since our founding in 1991, we have grown exponentially, with over 5,500+ employees and 95+ nationalities working together as a team across EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America. We have firmly established ourselves as a truly inclusive employer that champions diversity in the workplace.


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Our Story

The Hatch story started when good friends Adam Jacobs (Ex THE ICONIC Founder) and Chaz Heitner (Ex Zip Co-founder) came together to build something they were deeply passionate about.

Both founders believe that traditional hiring processes are broken and limit people from finding work that’s a good fit for them. Since founding the company, Adam and Chaz have built a team that shares their mission and are both confident they will continue to build an impactful global company for many years to come.

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This Hotlist employer has great opportunities for graduates and interns. Here’s your snapshot of programs, when to apply, perks and more.

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Great for Graduates and Interns

This Hotlist employer has great opportunities for graduates and interns. Here’s your snapshot of programs, when to apply, perks and more.

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  • If you can prove you have the drive, then you don't need a super techie degree to be offered a place in the streams
  • Provided training for the relevant stream you were in
  • If you take it seriously, you are almost guaranteed a placement with one of their many clients
  • Employees may feel that the compensation offered by the company is not competitive, particularly noting that the pay may be significantly lower than the market average, which could be disheartening for those with higher financial expectations or responsibilities.
  • There appears to be a sentiment of commitment-related stress, as employees are required to stay with the company for two years with a substantial training fee repayment if they leave early, which might make them feel locked in and potentially dissatisfied with their career choices.
  • Some employees might experience a sense of uncertainty and lack of support, as they report high pressure from account managers, unclear job selection processes, and a feeling of being left to navigate their roles independently, which could lead to concerns about professional growth and job satisfaction.

Company review summaries are generated by artificial intelligence based on third-party sources and do not reflect opinions or beliefs held by Hatch. Hatch is not responsible for the accuracy of content of these summaries. For full reviews, please refer to the original sources.

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