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Connecting communities and empowering lives

Ausgrid is Australia's largest distributor of electricity, provided products and services to 1.7 million customers in Sydney, the Hunter and the Central Coast. Since becoming a new business on 1 December 2016, Ausgrid has begun a significant transformation program to deliver three clear priorities - providing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. Ausgrid operates, maintains and builds the grid powering Sydney - the nation's largest economy - and our diverse customer base ranges from family homes, to small businesses, rural customers and large national and global corporations. The grid supplies industries such as mining, manufacturing, oil refining, shipping, engineering, tourism and agriculture. As the energy sector rapidly evolves, Ausgrid is working to ensure its investment decisions and service delivery meets all customers'​ needs. We are committed to consulting with stakeholders and customers, drive down operating costs and ensure customers are getting value for money. Our vision is to be a leading energy solutions provider, recognised both locally and globally. Ausgrid will continue to connect communities and empower lives and the business will achieve that by working closely with customers and stakeholders.


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The Hatch story started when good friends Adam Jacobs (Ex THE ICONIC Founder) and Chaz Heitner (Ex Zip Co-founder) came together to build something they were deeply passionate about.

Both founders believe that traditional hiring processes are broken and limit people from finding work that’s a good fit for them. Since founding the company, Adam and Chaz have built a team that shares their mission and are both confident they will continue to build an impactful global company for many years to come.

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  • Award conditions are competitive
  • Business strategy and vision are clear
  • Great opportunities for development and training
  • Employees perceive that the company is continuously undergoing significant changes, which may contribute to a sense of instability and uncertainty about the future.
  • There is a sentiment among staff that the company is entangled in its own bureaucratic processes, which can hinder efficiency and seem to lack logical foundations, particularly when it comes to understanding and addressing operational challenges.
  • Some employees feel that there is a culture of blame and a lack of accountability, with concerns about management's handling of performance issues and resource allocation, leading to high workloads and slow processes.

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