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CSR is the name behind some of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted and recognised building products

Founded in Sydney in 1855, CSR is the manufacturer of some of the market's most trusted building products for home buildings, renovations and commercial construction across Australia and New Zealand. Our purpose is about building solutions for a better future. We’re bigger than you think too. CSR has a number of brands, including AFS, Bradford, Cemintel, Gyprock, Hebel, Himmel, Martini, Monier roof tiles, PGH Bricks, and Potter. We are a top 200 ASX-listed company with more than 2,600 employees across Australia and New Zealand. The power of our brands allows us to realise our full potential as ‘One CSR’ to deliver on our strategy, to grow our business, and outperform in the market. CSR also has a property division focused on selling or redeveloping surplus industrial land, and we also have a joint venture in aluminium smelting at Tomago near Newcastle, NSW. With a nationwide network of trade retail outlets, manufacturing sites, distribution networks and sales and support staff, CSR truly is a great choice for career development.


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Our Story

The Hatch story started when good friends Adam Jacobs (Ex THE ICONIC Founder) and Chaz Heitner (Ex Zip Co-founder) came together to build something they were deeply passionate about.

Both founders believe that traditional hiring processes are broken and limit people from finding work that’s a good fit for them. Since founding the company, Adam and Chaz have built a team that shares their mission and are both confident they will continue to build an impactful global company for many years to come.

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  • Good and helpful staff overall
  • Flexible work options, including work from home
  • Supportive culture, especially from those that have spent a long time in the company
  • Some employees feel there is a lack of opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the company, which may lead to a sense of stagnation in their careers.
  • There is a sentiment that the executive leadership may prioritize financial performance over delivering value to customers and fostering a positive company culture, which could affect employee morale and customer satisfaction.
  • Concerns have been expressed about a perceived passive or defensive company culture that discourages initiative and open communication, potentially leading to a work environment where employees feel unable to share new ideas or challenge the status quo.

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