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If you love to be entertained, there’s a good chance we’ve already met. So, who are we? We’re Paramount Australia & New Zealand (Hello!), a division of Paramount. Our vision is simple. We deliver content that is premium and differentiated to the young and young at heart in the way they want it via an enhanced viewing ecosystem. What does that even mean? Put simply, we’ve got all the shows you love (and love to hate) right here. We create content that gets people talking. What’s more, you’ll find all those great shows (and more) on our free-to-air channels (10, 10 Peach, 10 Bold and 10 Shake), subscription channels (MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Comedy Central), our broadcast video on demand platform 10 Play, and our subscription video on demand service, Paramount +. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got. Paramount has a clear mission: To unleash the power of content. To do that, we need diverse, passionate people who want to see the impact of their work and leave a positive mark on culture. Our Values: Optimism & Determination We share a positive belief that we can navigate and thrive in the landscape ahead. Inclusivity & Collaboration We embrace new and diverse voices, act with care and work together to capture opportunities and manage through challenges. Agility & Adaptability We think entrepreneurially, are resilient in change and move quickly to anticipate and create what’s next.


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The Hatch story started when good friends Adam Jacobs (Ex THE ICONIC Founder) and Chaz Heitner (Ex Zip Co-founder) came together to build something they were deeply passionate about.

Both founders believe that traditional hiring processes are broken and limit people from finding work that’s a good fit for them. Since founding the company, Adam and Chaz have built a team that shares their mission and are both confident they will continue to build an impactful global company for many years to come.

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Great for Graduates and Interns

This Hotlist employer has great opportunities for graduates and interns. Here’s your snapshot of programs, when to apply, perks and more.

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  • Great brands, great people, great content
  • Fast paced and interesting organization
  • Supportive team
  • Some employees feel that the merger between Viacom and CBS has led to a lack of integrated systems, which may contribute to operational inefficiencies and challenges in daily processes.
  • There is a sentiment among some staff that recognition and promotion of internal talent can be insufficient, and that salary increases are difficult to secure, even with long-term commitment to the company.
  • Employees have expressed concerns about the fast-paced nature of the industry leading to continuous change and budget cuts, which in turn can result in high turnover rates and the perception that technology does not adequately support the workload.

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