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3 new hiring tools to kickstart your team's growth in 2022

Hatch Team

Jan 5, 2022

Updates in your automation workflows, employer branding and candidate experience.

Did your team start 2022 strong? If you’re a manager or team leader, January is a critical month for hiring. People are ready for a change and they’re hungry for a fresh start in their careers. Now is the time to attract talent to ensure your growing team hits the ground running and is set up for success throughout the year.

At, our #1 priority is for you and your team to spot the right people with confidence and accelerate your hiring decisions. 

Since launching our new product in September 2021, we’ve made significant improvements in three areas for hiring managers:

  1. Automated workflows
  2. Employer branding
  3. Candidate experience

These improvements help you grow your team better and faster. Let’s dive in! 🎉

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Automated Job Descriptions: Publish your role in minutes, not days.

Writing an effective job description and publishing it live to the world is hard. You want to showcase your role, team, and brand in the best possible way to attract a wide range of good-fit candidates. Getting it right can take hours or even days, especially if your Talent Acquisition is stretching thin! Whether you’ve got a lot of experience or none in writing a JD, Hatch empowers you to communicate your role and its requirements in just minutes, and get the right candidates to apply for your role. The best part? There are no extra steps for you. Your best ever job description is automatically generated.

Auto-populate a best practice job description and an interactive candidate application.
How does it work?

It’s simple - think of it as two-in-one automation. Once you’ve created a role in your Guided Role Builder by choosing your role’s suggested basic requirements and responsibilities, Hatch now publishes two links for you. The first link is your Candidate Application Experience link, which you have already been using. The second link is your Role Description - an auto-published job description, reflecting your role accurately with extra capabilities like team video. Both links can be used in your sourcing channels or shared directly with candidates, so they can easily navigate from the JD to the application. Each Automated JD is:

  • Personalized to your role requirements;
  • Written in inclusive language;
  • Branded to communicate your team and company values; and
  • 100% reflective of the candidate experience.

Employer Branding: Shine in a candidate driven market

First impressions count. That’s why we’re working on a series of features that enable you to stand out in a candidate short market. These features also easily showcase your brand and your team to candidates before and during applying to your role. We’re excited to introduce our first three features, and they're ready for you to use.

Publish a role video and let candidates meet your team.

Your new branding features enhance your Automated Job Description and your Candidate Application Experience by easily adding your:

  • Company Overview
  • Splash image
  • Role and team video

It’s not about looking good, it’s about communicating better so the right candidates can get a real feel of the role and your team. You can start making the most out of these new features today.

Candidate Application Landing Page: Stand out and maximize candidate applications

Forward-looking team leaders that share Hatch applications level the playing field by opening their doors to a wider range of candidates. And you’re one of them. It’s important to share the benefits of using Hatch to your candidates before beginning their application process. It’s your competitive advantage in hiring against teams that don’t value diversity, transparency, and candidate potential.

The candidate application landing page helps you attract and collect better applications.

In addition to communicating the benefits of using Hatch, we want to make sure that you have your candidate’s contact details, no matter whether they’ve finished their application. During the first step (pictured above) in the application, candidates will:

  1. Share their email with you;
  2. Upload their resume; and
  3. Begin the interactive application experience.

These steps maximize the number of candidates you get to review, and Hatch helps you prioritize and shortlist candidates, based on the wealth of information your candidates share with you.

These are the most significant updates to our product, but that’s not all! You can see all our January feature releases in our product team’s release notes. They’re short, sweet, and valuable.

Stay tuned for next month’s product updates! In the meantime, if you have any questions, get in touch with us.