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Nov 21, 2021

Announcing our new product

Today, Hatch is launching its new self-serve product, designed to improve hiring for GTM leaders.

Hatch Team
Hatch Team

The better way to hire is now... even better.

Since 2017, Hatch has been building better ways for growing teams to find the best-fit people based on what counts – their strengths, abilities, and motivators. If you’re new to our world, you’re just in time for a major turning point that levels the playing field even more.

Today, Hatch is launching its new self-serve product, designed to help team leaders find better candidates faster with confidence. Equipped with guided hiring tools, Hatch empowers managers to find the best candidates for their entry, junior, and mid-level roles.

It's been a busy few months for our team, and it's all been worth it. Just ask our Co-Founder, Adam Jacobs:

You can try it now – for free.

Getting started is easy and does not require any set up. The platform is plug and play and easy to use for team leaders no matter your hiring experience. Hatch also integrates with your team's Applicant Tracking System if you already have a hiring workflow. The best part? Hatch is completely free, with unlimited roles.

Hiring can make or break your company, but it shouldn't take up everyone's time. This self-serve experience empowers managers to easily create roles, attract candidates of all backgrounds, and review their fit for the role with confidence. Think best practice hiring at scale and more time freed up for Talent Acquisition teams.

Create roles that stand out in minutes with our guided role builder.
Find better candidates faster with an application experience that lets people shine
Spot your best-fit hires confidently with rich candidate info and evidence-based decisions.

Building a future where all people find meaning in work

Hatch was born in 2017 and has been paving a better way for managers to find the best-fit people for their teams. We’re a growing global team, but this isn’t our first rodeo. Our first matching solution has helped some of Australia’s leading organizations find standout young talent by looking beyond the resumé for holistic fit. To this day, 94% of teams who have used Hatch, including Qantas, Afterpay, The Iconic, Wisr and J.P Morgan, felt that their hires added value to their team, and success continues.

Backed by our learnings in Australia, and working closely with some of the world’s best Go-To-Market leaders in the US, Hatch is now helping fast-growing organizations and entry, junior and mid-level candidates in America come together with a genuine fit. Read more about us here.

What we build today transforms our tomorrow

Join us in building a future where all people find meaning in work.

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