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Nov 21, 2021

How you can help candidates figure out if they're the right fit for you

Empower candidates with the information they need to self-select in for a role.

Bree Fedele
Bree Fedele
Content Marketer @ Hatch

Team update: A lot has happened since this blog - all great things! We’re now in the United States and our new product launched in November 2021, helping teams in fast-growing organizations find and hire their best-fit junior and mid-level talent in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Customer Success. Try it here for free. This means some of our articles before this date may have product shots that look a little different. That’s all from us, enjoy the blog.

How can you encourage the right-fit candidates to self-select in for a role, and let the wrong-fit candidates filter themselves out? We believe in designing a hiring process that empowers candidates to get a feel for the role and make a call on whether the company and culture is the right fit for them, right from the start. 

We asked hundreds of candidates in our previous Culture Fit survey: When you’re applying for roles, what information is helpful and what information is missing that would help you figure out if you’re the right fit? Here’s what they said.

What’s helpful

Your employees are your best advocates.

Prospective candidates are doing reference checks on you. They’re reaching out to your current and former employees in their network to get a first-hand account of what your company culture is like. 

They’re also checking out the people they’d be working with on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn about their backgrounds and what they’re interested in. And they pay a lot of attention to what former employees are saying about management on Glassdoor. 

Your socials are a window into your culture.

It’s a big tick from candidates when your company showcases its people and culture on your social media. Many respondents believe what you share on your socials is a good way to tell if your culture aligns with what they’re seeking in a workplace. 

Using your words wisely.

When reading job descriptions, candidates say that the language used gives a lot away. They said many job descriptions sound mechanical, so when they read one that has a human voice that resonates with them, they know they’re onto a good thing. 

Your vision, mission & purpose.

Candidates want to see a clear picture of what your company stands for and how that comes to life in everything you do. They want to feel a shared purpose and be able to see the kind of impact and contribution they could make towards your goals.

“I ask myself: do I believe in the vision and mission of the company? If I agree with it and am passionate about it, then I make sure I make that clear upfront when I apply.”

What’s missing

What a typical day looks like.

They’ve read about what you’re looking for, the skills required and what the responsibilities of the role are. Now they want to know what an average day at work looks like. This helps clarify what the role entails, who and how much they’re interacting with others, and what the style of management is.

How they'll be supported.

Respondents feel the right support is key to succeeding in a role, but the level of support candidates are looking for differs from one to another. Letting them know how autonomous or collaborative their role will be, and what level of input their manager will have with their work helps candidates determine if they’ll have the support they need to flourish. 

“Company goals are important to list, but I’m more interested in how individuals and teams are supported in achieving those goals.”

Getting to know the team.

Many respondents said that they’d like to be able to get a better feel for the team dynamic. Knowing who they’ll be interacting with helps them figure out if they’ll be a good fit for the team. An informal coffee catch up with some of the people they’d be working with goes a long way.

They’re not just interested in the immediate team they’re working with, but also how the role and their team connects with others.

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