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How BizCover hires early career talent

Hannah Johnston

Feb 8, 2024
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We caught up with Sofie, Talent Acquisition Partner at BizCover to learn about how the team hires high-performing early career talent.

Why does BizCover value hiring early career talent?

We value hiring early career talent because of their diverse skill sets and eagerness to learn and grow. We care deeply about supporting the development of our early career talent whether it’s moving them vertically or horizontally in the business, depending on where they want to go. 

We love the excitement that early career professionals show when working on projects and engaging with training opportunities. This often helps push projects forward and brings a strong innovative approach to problem solving. 

What does the hiring process look like for early career roles?

The team is currently at about 250 people and we hire based on where the business needs development and what projects need more support. 

The typical application process for roles starts with BizCover posting the roles into the market with the relevant capability framework, responsibilities and job description. We then will share our roles through various channels including Hatch and our BizCover Referral Program.

Once applications start coming through, no matter where they started the application we will push them into Hatch so that we can get a short video introduction from them. After this, is the screening process to observe their overall communication skills and relevancy for the role. 

After the screening process, we then host an interview with a panel of interviewers followed by a final interview that is mostly around culture. The last step in the process is offering the role and doing a reference check. 

How do you build your employer brand at BizCover to attract strong early career talent?

Our ability to build a reputable employer brand starts with the experience we offer to our early career talent. Something we prioritise at BizCover is our learning and development opportunities, particularly for early career team members. We do this through mentorship programs and training initiatives.

In addition to the more formal structure of learning interventions and pathways, employees are striving to build a self-driven learning culture where they all have access to a library of curated learning content and resources on an extensive range of topics and capability areas. They can access this platform anytime on multiple devices. 

In terms of broader employer branding, we work closely with the marketing team to build various forms of collateral such as blog posts, and compelling digital content. This can be in the form of imagery, employee testimonials, media updates or our ‘Life at BizCover’ YouTube video that’s embedded on the website. 

We are always trying to use our employee's voices as ambassadors for the company, and we do this by sharing their stories. We then amplify these stories on social media and through our website to get as much reach as possible. 

Do you have any tips for people applying to roles at BizCover?

Something we love to see in early career talent is things they’re proud of beyond just their resume. For example, projects they’ve worked on or even their personal and professional passions. 

In terms of fundamentals, it’s important they have a strong resume and highlight their skills and qualifications that are relevant to the role. It is also advised to avoid vocabulary and grammar mistakes. 

Again, most importantly we want the applicant to showcase more than what they are on paper. Their side projects, whether it’s a student job or anything that will reflect their ambition and creativity. We aren’t looking for perfection, we just look for thought processes. Especially in tech where we hire a lot of software engineers, we will look at the process and critical thinking over perfection. 

Something also important to us is seeing why they care about landing the role at BizCover, which can be shown through the introduction video on Hatch.

How does BizCover provide insights into the culture in the hiring process?

Throughout the hiring process, we provide a content-rich experience for candidates so they can get a thorough understanding of their potential career path ahead, learning and development opportunities and the cultural experience of working at BizCover. 

The types of content we share with candidates include information on team dynamics, values, our charitable involvement, culture-building activities and the workplace policies and initiatives in place that cultivate a good work-life balance. 

There are various surfaces we share this content such as social media, our website and on Hatch, ensuring that all candidates have a rich understanding of ‘Life at BizCover’ before they get to interview. 

Wrapping up

There’s no doubt that life at BizCover is a great move for early career folk who want to be a part of a team that cares deeply about early career learning and development. BizCover’s focus on growing and nurturing their team to reach their goals is inspiring for other high-growth teams. 

Read more about life at BizCover and keep an eye out for new roles at BizCover on Hatch.

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