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How to create a stand out Hatch profile

Hannah Johnston

Jan 18, 2024
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Our guide to creating a profile that shines to your dream employer.

Gone are the days when the only way to apply to roles was with just a resume and cover letter. 

When you join Hatch, you can create a rich profile that showcases your skills, values and personality so that you can stand out to your dream employer. Your Hatch profile, once completed, can be used for multiple applications just like a dating app profile.

In this blog, we’ll dive into all of our tips and tricks for creating a Hatch profile that stands out among other applicants. 

What’s a Hatch profile?

  • A space to showcase who you are, what you can do, and what you stand for in more ways than words on a resume. 
  • A key part of how we’re transforming the way people search and apply for jobs, by enabling the re-use of your profile for multiple applications.

Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your profile. 

Start with the basics 

Filling out your basic details including your contact information and setting your profile to discoverable means that Australia’s leading hiring teams can easily find and reach out to you. 

Next best step 👉 Switch your profile to discoverable and ensure your contact details are up to date. You can also get a head start on populating your profile by uploading your resume.

Tell us what you’re looking for

In the section labelled, ‘I’m looking for’ you’ll get the chance to tell us what you care about and what kind of jobs you’re looking for so that we can match you to roles and teams that are a great fit for you. 

Next best step 👉 Update your preferences in your account and if you want to receive regular role matches in your inbox make sure to turn match alerts on.   

Get creative and have fun!

Creating a profile that stands out starts with a splash of colour and an image that fits your vibe.

Next best step 👉 Using the colour picker on your profile, select your preferred banner colour and add your preferred image or avatar. For more tips on how to sell your personal brand, read this. 

Describe your unique selling proposition in your headline

When a hiring team lands on your Hatch profile when you apply for a role, the first thing they’ll see is your headline statement. This is the space for you to communicate your unique selling proposition. 

Here’s an example from the community. 

Next best step 👉
Using the below Venn diagram, have a go at writing out each response individually so you can build a foundation for your headline. 

Share your story in the ‘about me’ section

In the About Me section of your profile, you can take your Unique Selling Proposition and expand on it in more depth. In this section, you can describe your values, hobbies and career aspirations to make a lasting impression. 

Here’s an example from the community. 

Next best step 👉 Have a go at writing your story, and don’t worry if it’s not perfect - you can always come back and add to it. For more inspiration on how to articulate your early career story, we recommend checking out this article.

Introduce yourself with a video

On your Hatch profile, you can create a profile video to showcase your personality and give the person viewing your profile a better understanding of why you’re the right fit for their team. 

Your intro video is unique to you and it doesn’t have to be perfect! Here are some starting talking points that might help. 

🦸What is your superpower? 

✊ What are you passionate about?

🚀 Where do you want to go next?

📈 What’s something you’re proud of?

Some more foundational tips

  • Keep it short and sweet, this is your elevator pitch (try to keep the length to under a minute)
  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • If you can, record your video behind a clean background, with the light behind you
  • It’s completely normal to not be a one-take wonder - you can make as many attempts as you need before you save it!

P.S. Candidates who have a profile video are 30% more likely to be progressed by a hiring manager.

Here’s an example from the community. 

Next best step 👉 Film your unique introduction video and upload it to your profile. 

Respond to prompts to showcase your personality 

We recently introduced the ability to respond to prompts on your profile - bite-sized glimpses of your personality, experiences and aspirations with hiring teams - similar to many dating apps! 

Here’s an example from the community. 

Next best step 👉 We recommend jumping into your profile and having a play with responding to prompts. Don’t think too much about it and have some fun!  

Highlight your top skills 

The skills section of your profile lets you showcase your top skills to hiring teams to show them upfront what you excel at. We also use this section to match you to roles that are a good fit for your top skills. 

Next best step 👉 Log in to your profile and add your top skills. 

Demonstrate projects you’re proud of  

Show off to talent teams projects you've worked on in the past. This section will look different for everyone and doesn’t need to be perfect. You can include projects from all different areas of your life from side hustles, creative passion projects, Uni projects, volunteering and more.

Here’s an example from the community. 

Next best step 👉 Update your profile with the projects you want to show off. You’ll get the option to add a cover image and expand on each project with a written description.

Share your life and work experiences

Share with hiring teams your experiences so far that have shaped who you are today. This includes professional and personal life experiences, for example taking a gap year to travel. 

Next best step 👉 Hatch has recently introduced a feature that will automatically populate your work experience when you click the ‘generate from resume’ button. We then recommend adding some finishing touches and adding some life experience too. 

Outline your education  

Under the education section, you can outline any of your education qualifications. 

Next best step 👉Jump into your profile and add your previous education. You can build on this section by including 1-3 examples of relevant coursework or notable academic achievements.  Auto-generate your education from your resume to save time. 

Share what you value

Something unique to your Hatch profile is the ability to share how you like to work within a team so that we can better match you to roles that are a good fit for you and so that hiring teams can see how your working styles and values match theirs. 

Next best step 👉 Complete this step in your profile to build out your values visualisation, you get 10 points in total to split across your working style, and then another 10 to split across your team values. 

Wrapping up 

When you create a profile on Hatch, it’s important to remember that everyone’s profile will look completely different based on unique strengths. Your profile isn’t about perfection, but rather about showcasing all the aspects about you that make you different! Have fun with it. 

If you don’t already have a Hatch account, join the community today.

 ❤️ Hatch fam

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