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One click allows you to never ghost candidates again

Hatch Team

Feb 9, 2023
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You can now decline and update all unsuccessful candidates with one click, without manually emailing each person.

If you’re currently hiring for your team, it can be stressful when you’re juggling between hiring and your day-to-day work. While many employers focus on finding the right candidate for a role, it’s difficult to reply to every single person that applies - especially if there are hundreds or thousands of applications!

Employer ghosting is more common than you think

According to Greenhouse’s 2022 Candidate Experience Report, at least 58% of job seekers expect to hear back about their initial application within one week. But more than 75% of job seekers have been ghosted after an interview, never hearing from the employer again.

This impersonal act can turn into a ‘personal’ thing for candidates who put in the time and effort to apply for the role. As a result, your employer brand can take a hit in the market, leading to less quality applications for your roles.

So, we’ve made it easier for you to respond to unsuccessful candidates without manually contacting each person.

What’s new on Hatch?

Your Hatch role inbox now has a new button called ‘Bulk Action Candidates’, so you can easily send multiple people updates about their applications. On top of that, with every candidate you action, you’ll help our matching algorithm learn to give you better matches!

You’ll find the ‘Bulk Action Candidates’ feature incredibly useful in two common scenarios:

  • When you’ve hired someone, and you’d like to update the other candidates about their application status.
  • When you’re still looking for the right person, but you don’t want to leave the other candidates who have applied hanging.

How this feature helps you

Here are the top highlights or see the full guide on using ‘Bulk Action Candidates’ in our Support Article.

Rest assured, no candidate is left in the dark

Use ‘Bulk Action Candidates’ to easily let all of your unsuccessful candidates know about their application status.

Say goodbye to manually sending multiple emails

Once you’ve declined your remaining candidates, they’ll receive an email with an update about their application status.

Help make hiring more meaningful for all

If you hired someone who applied through Hatch, let us know! This helps us to continuously improve Hatch Match - our matching algorithm that helps you (and other employers) can get the right candidates matched to you faster.

This is just the start!

Over the coming months, we’ll launch more features that help you easily give your candidates more visibility into their application status.

That’s all for this Product Update. Got a question or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at

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