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5 tech companies that support flexible working

Hatch Team

Dec 2, 2022
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Want work that works for you? Here are 5 tech companies with remote and hybrid teams to give employees flexibility and choice.

Working from home is a norm these days for many professional roles. In 2020 the pandemic forced the world into lockdown, and remote working became the only solution for companies to keep on keeping on.

Today, we can see that loads of roles can thrive successfully regardless of where the work is actually done.

Some people prefer the office to keep their work and life separate; maybe they’ve got a cool workspace that motivates them or they enjoy being social with their team. Others might prefer to work from home because they live far away, have personal commitments, or simply because they work better in their own space. The bottom line is that you know how and where you work the best!

At Hatch, we don’t believe that one work arrangement is better than the other, but if you are looking for a job with a company that gives its employees flexible work options, then read on.

Want flexibility and choice in how you work? These 5 tech employers in Australia have remote-first or hybrid work policies.

#1 Shippit

Shippit is Australia’s leading multi-carrier shipping software powering the future of e-commerce. It connects all the top couriers in the country and is used by some of APAC’s biggest retailers like Target, Nike, Cotton On and more.

Two men and one woman sitting at a table looking at others and smiling

Working at Shippit

You can choose to work from home or the office, or both. But that’s not it. At Shippit, you can also choose to spend 2 weeks of the year working from anywhere in the world.

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#2 UpGuard

UpGuard helps businesses protect their sensitive data and manage cybersecurity risk. Their software is used by some of the world’s largest, fastest-growing and innovative companies like Spaceship, TravelPerk, Xinja, Superloop and more.

A group of people in front of the Sydney Opera House building with Sydney Harbour in the background

Working at UpGuard

UpGuard believes in flexible work arrangements, because everyone thrives in their own way. So work from home if that’s your jam!

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#3 Lyka Pet Food

Lyka makes and delivers fresh dog food, packed with protein, whole-foods and vitamins. You wouldn’t eat processed food and your dog shouldn’t either, if you want your furry family member to live a long and happy life.

A group of people taking a group portrait holding with three dogs being held by their ownersc

Working at Lyka

It’s a flexible work environment so feel free to work remotely and from the pet-friendly office, where your own pup is welcome!

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#4 Employment Hero

Employment Hero is an Australian tech unicorn with world-class software, helping small to medium-sized businesses manage HR, payroll and productivity. The platform currently services over 80,000 businesses worldwide.

A large group of people at a work function by Employment Hero the company

Working at Employment Hero

There’s a remote-first approach to work but it’s all about flexibility. If you’re working from home, there’s budget to help you set up a great #WFH space. Plus, the Sydney office is always available when you need space for focus or collaboration. Another perk, it’s dog-friendly too!

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#5 Cover Genius

Cover Genius is the Insurtech for embedded insurance, protecting global customers of the world’s largest digital companies including Skyscanner, SeatGeek, Zip, Amazon, Shopee and more.

A group of people from the company called Cover Genius at an exhibition booth stand with the Cover Genius sign

Working at Cover Genius

It’s a flexible work environment and you can work from home whenever you want. Many Partner Services roles are also remote-first.

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