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Mar 30, 2022

Find candidates who fit your team culture faster

Our new Team Culture tool helps you spot a candidate’s compatibility with your team’s work style and culture, as soon as they apply.

Hatch Team
Hatch Team

Here’s a heartbreaking but true statistic in employment: Over 33% of people who land a new job regret their decision, and over 33% of these new employees plan to leave their jobs in the first 12 months. 💔

Let’s talk about why this happens. Picture this - have you ever hired that ‘perfect’ person based on a glowing resume, only to feel that they don’t ‘fit’ with your team later on? Maybe they prefer working on their own, while your environment is highly collaborative. Or, maybe your team is process-oriented, but they don’t see the point in ‘all that process stuff’. A clash in work style and culture can put both your team and the candidate back to square one.

Mis-hires can happen when team leaders make big hiring decisions based on limited information from outdated tools - one of these being the good ol’ resume. A resume is great at showing you where someone has worked and what they have done, but it rarely shows you their underlying strengths and what they’ll go on to achieve. Simply put, you can see how and where they started, but not how they’ll grow.

So, how do you explore a candidate’s potential earlier in the hiring process? One area to consider is compatibility. When employees and their teams have complementary values, it just works! Everyone saves a lot of time (and heartbreak) in the hiring and onboarding processes. On top of that, there is more likely to be:

  • Higher employee engagement;
  • Team members going above and beyond;
  • Positive team morale; and
  • Lower employee turnover.

Now, for the good news. We’ve built a new tool for teams and candidates to get a real picture of their potential together with a quick Team Culture assessment that explores their compatibility based on working style and team values.

How does it work?

1. Share your team’s work style and values when creating a Hatch role.

As a hiring manager, you’ll complete the Team Culture assessment as part of the role creation experience. Here, you’ll define your team’s working style and values by allocating points across important characteristics. This information is for your eyes only - it’s never displayed in your Hatch role or shown to candidates.

Both hiring managers and candidates complete the Team Culture assessment.
In this example of Team Values, 'Work-Life Support' is least prioritized with only one point allocated.

Tip: It’s important to complete the Team Culture assessment based on realistic and current behaviors, and not on aspirational ones.

2. Candidates share their work style and team values in their Hatch application.

Similarly, candidates will complete a mirror assessment when they apply for a role on Hatch, by allocating points across important characteristics. This allows all candidates to put their ‘real’ foot forward and share valuable information beyond their resumes with hiring managers.

Nobody likes to repeat themselves, so we’ve made sure that candidates only need to complete this assessment once and can re-use this information in their future Hatch applications. We know that change and growth can happen, so candidates will have the option to re-do their assessment, any time they would like to change their preferences.

3. Review where your candidates align most with your team.

You can review each candidate’s compatibility with your team, as soon as they have submitted their application. Discover how they align, misalign, and complement your team environment through a unique spider chart.

Aligned values show both team and candidate colours.

4. Talk about what matters with your candidates early on.

It’s great when you discover a candidate who matches your team’s work style and culture, but clashes are also natural and bound to happen. Whether it’s an alignment, misalignment or complementary style, Hatch’s Team Culture chart will guide you with tips, next steps, and questions to ask during interviews to ensure that every hiring manager focuses on the areas that matter the most.

Tips including interview questions help hiring managers focus on what matters the most.

When it comes down to it, we all thrive better in a tribe that matches and supports our vibes. This Team Environment assessment goes beyond the resume to empower both sides, where candidates can make confident career decisions, and where hiring managers can make confident hiring decisions faster.

That’s all for our March Product Updates! We hope you’re as excited as us about this new tool. You can try it out today when you create a Hatch role - it’s free. Sign up now

Got a question or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at ask@hatch.team.

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