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Hire today’s rising talent in Consulting

Hatch Team

May 17, 2023
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Get matched to early career talent in Consulting and Professional Services.

When you’re hiring for early career talent in Consulting and Professional Services, it can be difficult to spot the qualities you need through traditional hiring processes. You might be looking for a good problem solver, or a creative mind with fresh perspectives, or a good collaborator that can bring people and ideas together.

Great news - you can now discover today’s rising talent for Consulting and Professional Services on Hatch, and get matched to candidates with the right skills and values you need.

What kind of roles can you hire for?

You’ll find professionals with 0-5 years’ of experience on Hatch, ready to take on entry-level junior, mid-level and intern roles including:

  • Strategy Consultant,
  • Tax Consultant,
  • Technology Consultant,
  • Risk Advisor, and more.

From client communication to team collaboration, or consulting in a particular area (like strategy and technology), Hatch allows you to create roles and tailor your candidate application experience to the top responsibilities you need.

Be where rising talent looks first for jobs

Gen Z and millennial professionals prefer Hatch over traditional job boards, so they can discover roles and teams that help them make an impact in their careers. This is where you can find talent with fresh motivation and perspectives to help shape the future of Consulting and Professional Services.

Let candidates show you their potential

Degrees don’t guarantee a candidate’s performance in your role. On Hatch, you can go beyond resumes to see your candidates’ skills, work styles, values, and quick intro videos. So, you can find your quality candidates to interview sooner than later.

Quick intro videos bring your candidates to life.

Ready to meet the next-gen of talent in the Consulting & Professional Services world?

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