Hiring pain point #1: Time

Bree Fedele
Content Marketer @ Hatch

When we conducted a research project to hear about people’s hiring pain points, without a doubt, the biggest headache of the hiring process for everyone was time.

Some steps in the process are quite tedious - like screening CVs - so we tend to try and get it over and done with quickly. But with this haste comes mistakes. And those mistakes are felt sharply by Talent, HR and hiring teams. 

In the post-Covid jobs market there are hundreds of applicants all eyeing up the same positions, with varying levels of suitability. This has exposed how many companies’ hiring processes aren't equipped to handle and assess the volume and diversity of talent available; much less make use of this scenario to their advantage. 

If you’d rather utilise the time you’d usually spend screening applications on higher-value work, get in touch with us today.

Bree Fedele
Content Marketer @ Hatch

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