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Save now, apply later: stay organised and never miss a match

Hatch Team

Oct 20, 2023
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You can now save roles you're interested in, and revisit them when it's the best time to apply.

Say goodbye to bookmarking - you can now save, revisit and apply for roles on Hatch when you’re ready (before they close of course!). Ideal for those times a Hatch Match slides into your inbox that feels like a perfect fit, but it’s just not the perfect time to apply.

The next time you see a role you’re interested in, simply hit the ribbon icon to save it, and forget about needing to go back and search, or trying to remember which role you were matched to.

Once you’ve saved roles, they’ll live in the saved tab in your account where you can review or manage them at any time. And when a role closes, it’ll be removed from this tab. We also take the roles you save into account when matching roles to you, so the more relevant roles you save, the better the matches you’ll get!

We’ve got many exciting things to come! Keep an eye out as we keep adding more new features. If there’s something you’d love to see to help the way you land your next role, let us know by emailing us at

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