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What it's like to work at Spriggy

Hannah Johnston

Nov 9, 2023
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Learn more about Spriggy, its mission and why Spriggy is a great place to work for early career talent.

What is Spriggy?

Spriggy is a pocket money app and card, helping parents and children manage their money together. Kids get their own prepaid VISA card and parents can track their child’s spending, set saving goals and organise pocket money payments – all in the app.

What is Spriggy's mission?

To see a world where kids are confident in managing their own money as they grow.

Why is Spriggy a great place to work for early career professionals?

🚀 Development + Growth Ops

Want to learn something new for your career? The team at Spriggy will help you fund it. If you value your development and performance with them, they’ll back you.

💙 Unique Benefit

Work hard, reap the rewards together. Team members have the opportunity to become a Spriggy owner through the Employee Share Option plan.

Learn more about what it's like to work at Spriggy and the roles they are hiring for. 

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