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5 tech companies that help their employees learn and grow

Hatch Team

Jan 30, 2023
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Want to work for a tech company that cares about your professional development? Here are 5 employers that invest in their people’s growth.

When you’re starting out in your career, you might wonder “what type of work is right for me?” 🌱 Whatever ambitions you have, the first few years of your work life involve a lot of discovery and learning.

While everyone has different career goals, it’s important to make sure you look beyond the usual suspects (like salary or the size and popularity of the company) to make sure you find a role and team that helps you grow.

Want to work for a tech company that actively cares about your professional development? Here are 5 employers that give their employees the support and opportunities to grow.

#1 Employment Hero

Working at Employment Hero

You’ll always be learning at Employment Hero with the external study policy, monthly professional development sessions and online learning content. On top of these, you’ll have access to the latest hardware, tech and tools, so you’re set up for success.

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#2 Wisr

Wisr offers smarter, fairer loans that help people kick their goals sooner, a nifty round up tool to help people get out of debt and save faster, and a dashboard that helps people track and improve their credit scores. Wisr also empowers Australians to make better financial choices and build better financial habits by leveraging a psychology-based financial wellness application.

Working at Wisr

You'll be working with the best and brightest and you have the opportunity to own your role and deliverables to make a huge impact in our space. You’re supported with unlimited access to Udemy, so learn as much as your heart desires!

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#3 Stake

Stake is an online stock trading platform allowing people to invest in Australian shares. Whether you’re a new or experienced investor on Stake, it’s a seamless experience with super low brokerage fees that aren’t dependent on the investment amount.

Working at Stake

Permanent employees get a $2,500 professional allowance to support their growth. You could say they really put their money where their mouth is for your development.

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#4 SafetyCulture

The SC platform and products give frontline workers a voice and leaders the visibility to make smart decisions when driving safety, quality and continuous improvement. The technology includes sensors, issue reports, data capture, analytics, risk mitigation and micro-learning for training.

Working at SafetyCulture

On top of having access to professional and personal training and development, you’re also encouraged to get involved in the community, open source work, talks and events and experiment with new technologies.

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#5 Spriggy

Spriggy is a pocket money app and card, helping parents and children manage their money together. Kids get their own prepaid VISA card and parents can track their child’s spending, set saving goals and organise pocket money payments – all in the app.

Working at Spriggy

Want to learn something new for your career? The team at Spriggy will help you fund it. If you value your development and performance with them, they’ll back you.

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