Turo builds its first ever Aussie team from scratch using Hatch

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Described as the 'Airbnb' for cars, Turo is the world's largest car sharing marketplace with approximately 30 million users globally. But entering a new market and growing from the ground up comes with its own set of challenges like the following:

  • While Turo was known in the US, Canada, and UK, there was no established employer brand yet in the Aussie market;
  • They needed diverse people in their founding team to help the business grow from the ground up; and
  • Their only TA support was based in San Francisco - that’s quite a distance!

How did they use Hatch?

We had a chat with Fernando Yaguez-Bovio (Strategy & Operations Lead @ Turo) to see how they took the driver’s seat to hire on Hatch.

We brought our employer brand to life

FYB: I shared a simple team video in our Hatch roles talking about our values. I also wanted to give candidates a real sense of the mission and growth opportunities involved.

We tapped into Hatch’s talent pool

FYB: Our roles were featured in Hatch’s marketing activity to their pool of early career professionals, so we didn’t have to do much promotion ourselves. We found that most of our applications came via Hatch over LinkedIn, Seek, and other job boards.

We let candidates showcase their skills and values

FYB: The main thing we look for in these roles is attitude more than anything. You can get trained up and do a good job, so we’re not too focused on whether you have prior CS experience. Hatch’s rich applications included candidate videos that allowed our team to see our candidates’ skills, work styles, values, and motivation - all upfront.

“So far, Turo has been an outstanding place to work and I feel lucky to be working in a team of brilliant individuals who get to learn from every day.”

Sarah Moke
Customer Support Agent @ Turo

The better and human way to hire

Hatch is now one of Turo’s preferred ways to hire junior talent in Australia, and there’s no slowing down! The team has already posted more roles on Hatch since their first few successful hires. Discover Turo’s roles:

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