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Be valued for your strengths beyond a resume

Hannah Johnston

Jan 22, 2024
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Why creating a stand-out profile on Hatch can help you land your dream role in 2024.

Have you ever felt like applying for a job with just a resume hasn’t been enough to showcase your true strengths? At Hatch, we believe that a piece of paper simply isn’t enough to demonstrate your holistic fit for a role, and we’re on a mission to change that. 

In 2024, you can attract your dream employer by creating a rich profile, just like a profile in a dating app. 

What’s a Hatch profile?

  • A space to showcase who you are, what you can do, and what you stand for in more ways than words on a resume. 
  • A key part of how we’re transforming the way people search and apply for jobs, by enabling the re-use of your profile for multiple applications.

Hatch profiles vs traditional job applications

Your Hatch profile is your early career bestie. On your profile, you can share your early career story, your motivations, a video introduction of yourself, past projects you’ve worked on and more.

✏️ Share your early career story, skills, motivations and unique selling proposition in the headline and about me section of your profile.

🎥 Communicate what motivates you in your introduction video so employers can get to know you better.

😁 Showcase your personality and interests by responding to dating app-like prompts.

List your top skills that make you hireable for the employer viewing your profile.

🎨 Demonstrate past projects you’re proud of with rich visuals and explainers. 

📈 Auto-generate your work experiences by uploading your resume to share with employers.

🎓 Outline your education history in a neat format by using the auto-generator from your resume. 

❤️ Share what you value in a team by completing the team fit section on your profile. 

🤝 Get matched to roles that are a good fit for you by updating your preferences on your profile. 

How to make your profile stand out

Employers are tired of seeing the same old resume and cover letter applications. You can make your application stand out by going the extra mile to populate as much of your profile as possible.

Get creative and have fun! We recently wrote an article on how to create a stand-out profile on Hatch which we highly recommend checking out!

Fun fact 💡Candidates who have a profile video are 30% more likely to be progressed by a hiring manager.

What the community are saying

“I choose Hatch because the process is so human-centric.”

Katarina, who landed a role at Domain through Hatch

“The candidate process for Hatch is really simple and intuitive. The videos let you showcase your personality more than just a resume. The experience is very unique for candidates”.

Natasha, who landed a role at Ikaros through Hatch

“I think companies and recruiters just want to see who you are at the end of the day and how you are individual and unique, they don’t want you to just look like every other applicant and they don’t want a perfect resume just like everyone else.”

Sahana, who landed a role at J.P. Morgan at Hatch.

Wrapping up 

Whether you’re looking for your dream role now or if you want to shine to dream employers in 2024, you should consider creating a stand-out profile on Hatch. For more tips on how to create a profile that stands out, view this article.

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