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Show off your team to candidates!

Hatch Team

Sep 1, 2022
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Get personal with your candidates. Share short team videos, mission statements, values & more.

14 seconds is how long a jobseeker spends on average looking at a job description (based on a LinkedIn study). If you’re a manager hiring with just a text-only job ad, do you believe that your ideal candidate can get a good idea of the role, team and culture in just 14 seconds?!

No wonder it’s a struggle for employers to find great talent in today’s employment market. Job boards are cluttered, text-heavy and disconnected, where neither you nor your candidates can get to know each other upfront.

Your team is awesome, but outsiders don’t know that.

Don’t tell them, SHOW them.

The best way to attract great candidates is to showcase what you’ve already got - your amazing team. It’s what sets your role apart from others. Candidates are looking for this transparency to get a real insight into what it’s like to work with you.

What’s new?

Your team deserves a spotlight and research has found that job ads featuring videos can see candidates spending an average of 5+ minutes on the role description. That’s a HUGE difference compared to 14 seconds!

That’s why we’ve revamped Hatch Roles, so your team and brand can truly shine through a team profile including a team video, purpose statement, work style and values. This gives candidates a deeper dive into your world, and allows them to:

  • Meet your team: A hero video showcases the actual members in your team, so candidates can see who they’ll be working with.
  • Join your mission: A purpose statement for your team shows candidates what you’re trying to achieve. You never know, they may be just as passionate about your mission as you.
  • Find matched vibes: A beautiful visual map on the role page shows your team culture and working style, so candidates can instantly see what your team values.

How does it work?

Here’s what you’ll need to set up your team profile. Remember, this is a spotlight for your team - so don’t hold back!

#1 Team name

Your team name helps candidates to understand your department or focus. Here are some examples:

  • Your departments may be simple e.g. Customer Support, Sales, Marketing @ Uber
  • You may have different teams within a job family e.g. B2B Marketing team, Loyalty Marketing team, Performance Marketing team
  • You may have different teams or divisions within your company e.g. Marketing @ Qantas Loyalty Programs, Marketing @ Qantas Hotels, Marketing @ Qantas Tourism

#2 Team purpose

Sharing your team’s responsibilities and impact in the company can help you to attract candidates with shared passions and interests. If our Marketing team at Hatch had to share our purpose, an example would be:

We’re committed to growing our community of early-career candidates by giving them meaningful opportunities at companies with an impact.

#3 Team photo

A picture paints a thousand words. Your team photo helps candidates to put a face to the team and see you as people doing great things together, not just a company.

#4 Team video

Candidates want to meet your team members! A 60-second video will give them a personalized experience of what it’s like to be working in your team. After all, human connection is what brings us all together.

#5 Team culture & work style

We all thrive better in teams that can support or complement our preferred work styles and values.  You can now share the results of your team culture assessment upfront, so candidates can explore their compatibility with you.

Ready to create your team profile? It’s easy!

If you’ve posted a role on Hatch before: Just log in, head to your profile and follow the guided steps.

If you’re new to Hatch: Login or sign up, head to your profile and follow the guided steps.

Picture your favourite team or role, past or present. If it’s a team, what made it great? If it’s a role, why did you love it? We’re 100% sure that whatever your reasons may be, they definitely are the underlying things that can’t be seen immediately from a job description.

By bringing your team profiles to life in your Hatch roles, you’re putting your vibes out to the world and helping more quality candidates find you through shared passions and values. You can try it out today - Hatch is still free to use until 2023. Create a role now

That’s all for our August Product Updates! Got a question or feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at

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