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WooliesX was formed in 2017 by the Woolworths Group to drive businesses including Everyday Rewards, E-commerce, Digital (incl. the Woolworths app), and more. With a mission to create better customer experiences for a better tomorrow, WooliesX needed fresh minds for ongoing innovation across their businesses. The businesses needed:

  • Access to Australia’s brightest young talent to help build innovative solutions;
  • A fast and flexible hiring solution that worked around its evolving projects; and
  • An alternative way to build an early career talent pipeline.

“Thanks to Hatch, we’ve been able to quickly ramp up the amount of young talent contributing in our teams right now, with potential to pipeline them into full time roles, all without building a formal grad program.”

Cassie Soady
GM Culture & People, Woolworths Group

How did they use Hatch?

Only 2 months after launching, WooliesX had Hatch interns working throughout the business.

They hired young talent in less than 3 weeks

WooliesX hired flexible interns on Hatch for their teams in Tech, Marketing, Design and Analytics. They shared team videos in their Hatch roles to attract young talent that matched their mission and values - most roles were filled in less than 3 weeks.

They looked beyond resumes for skills and motivation

Team leaders successfully hired Hatch interns with the skills needed to boost their projects, including Marketing, Software Development, Data Analysis, UX/UI Design, and QA testing. Candidate intro videos also gave managers a better sense of motivation before the interview stage, like this one from our candidate, Aarthi.

They opted for Hatch to handle employment admin and payroll

WooliesX chose not to invest extra time and resources into building an internship or grad program from scratch. Instead, the business used the optional ‘Hire with Hatch’ service, where Hatch acted as the legal employer for interns and took care of admin and payroll. This meant that teams could hit the ground running with their interns, without worrying about headcount.

“I felt extremely supported throughout my placement, my manager and team members were always helpful when I had any questions or concerns. I was able to develop myself professionally and improve both my marketing skills thanks to their support and guidance.”

Aarthi Sitsabesan
Marketing Coordinator @ WooliesX

The better and human way to hire

At least 50% of intern placements have also been extended or converted to full-time positions. As of today, WooliesX has published 30 roles on Hatch for interns, entry-level, junior and mid-level professionals across Marketing, Data, Tech, Design and more.

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